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Multimedia resources are provided courtesy of the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society and should be credited accordingly. If you have any questions about usage, please contact us at
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Welcome to RCT&HS' Multimedia Gallery where you'll find photo, text, video and sound resources to aid in preparing articles, publicity and research regarding the Society. For further information, questions or more specific media-related requests, please contact us at
Group of RDG cabooses at Leesport, PA Yard
RDG Northeastern style caboose (yellow/green)
RDG Northeastern style caboose (red)
RDG boxcar
RDG ALCO C630 #5308 locomotive
RDG 250-ton Brownhoist crane #90901
RDG EMD GP30 #5513 locomotive
RDG baggage car serving as Museum gift shop
Temple, PA station
RDG boxcar
RDG diamond logo on side of boxcar
*hi-res images suitable for print work reproduction (6" x 4.5" @266 dpi)

SOUND: ALCO C630 #5308 start-up (.wav file, 0:12, 2.2mb)
SOUND: dueling diesels, EMD GP35 #3640–higer piched whine vs. ALCO C630 #5308–deeper chugging
(.wav file, 0:21, 3.5mb)
VIDEO: "Reading Glory" from Penn Valley Pictures (.avi file, 0:15)
VIDEO: RS-3 #485 and GP7 #631 at Abrams Yard, outside of Norristown, PA (.mpg file, 1:38, 20mb, courtesy Bill Vanderslice)
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