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Reading Railroad Heritage Museum

500 South Third Street
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PLEASE NOTE: Written correspondence and inquiries should be directed c/o the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society at the address below.



Reading Company Technical & Historical Society, Inc.

PO Box 15143
Reading, PA 19612-5143


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PLEASE NOTE: While we make every effort to reply to all e-mails in a timely manner, as an all-volunteer organization, getting your question, comment, request, etc. routed to the right person(s) for a response might take a few days. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.


While you are welcome to submit inquiries regarding Reading Company history to, we do not have the resources available at this time to conduct detailed research into individual employee, historical, or modeling inquiries. We will make every effort to respond; however, we recommend that you also submit inquiries to the various public rail-related internet forums, such as,, and
The Reading Modeler. For additional information regarding researching railroad employees, click here. As the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum continues to grow, we expect to have the ability to conduct research in our extensive archives and respond to individual inquiries. Again, your understanding is appreciated.


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